Why Children Are Sent to Nurseries

Whenever you find yourself with a beautiful new child, it may feel impossible to leave them in the care of someone else. However, you eventually need to get back to work, and focus on other aspects of life as well. By sending your child to a nursery, you provide them with an educational and structured environment, while allowing yourself the time you need to catch up with your responsibilities. In fact, there are many benefits that your child enjoys during their stay, and these benefits will be crucial as they continue to develop and learn about the world around them.

Group Play

As much as you love to play with your child, you cannot provide them with the same type of play another child their age can. By being introduced to multiple children their own age, your child will learn how to play well with others, and work as a team. For example, tossing a ball back and forth helps them increase their hand-to-eye coordination, aiming skills, and more. Playing as a group also teaches them how to follow rules and learn how to coordinate their movements with the movements of others.


A toddlers nursery in Dubai is the perfect place for a child to learn how to share, whether it be a delicious snack or a toy. This is a crucial social skill that every child must learn, as it teaches them how to be able to cooperate with those around them, and helps them to understand that not every toy is theirs to keep. A child with siblings may develop this ability at home, but introducing them to a group of children their age should help them understand sharing on a deeper, and wider, level.


Nurseries are highly structured, with schedules that include time for play, naps, snacks, and a time to learn. This is the perfect way for you to get your child ready for the structure found in school, which can sometimes be overwhelming for a child without. Learning how to stand in line, wait their turn, and ask for the things they want, are all skills that will do them a lot of good once they start their years in school. Whether this is your first child or your fourth, the benefits will quickly become apparent when they return home from school with a happy note from their teacher.

Your Own Time

Sending your child to a nursery is just as important for them as it is for you. This is your chance to work, clean the home, cook meals, visit friends, or simply to lie down and take a much-deserved nap. Whatever you choose to use the time for, it is yours, and many parents find themselves glad of the few hours they receive. Children are a blessing to anyone’s life, but they require a lot of maintenance and attention as they develop. By bringing them to a reputable nursery, you can take back some control of your life, and focus on aspects of it that may have been forgotten after your little one was born.