Visiting Interesting Yogyakarta Handicrafts Market

Yogyakarta always charms its tourists and visitor with all the traditional arts and culture. This little city has many interesting places to visit such as the Yogyakarta handicrafts market. The handicraft market has become one of the attractive places that reveal the beauty of Yogyakarta. You will find much cute and huge artistic stuff with great prices. They make unique and classified jewellery online which you cannot get elsewhere Not all stuffs are sold in high price. Many sellers offer you the cheapest price as you can buy more for the merchandise. Usually, the visitor will buy as the gift when they are back to their own places.

In these following points, you may see some recommended handicraft markets to visit in Yogyakarta. The markets are very good to see as it offers you much artistic stuff with high cultural value from this little city. To access the exact Yogyakarta handicrafts market location, please search on your application for the map. You may not get lost but you may get the best adventure as you explore further about the places.

  1. Beringharjo market. If you visit Yogyakarta for your vacation or tourism experience, do not forget to visit Beringharjo near Malioboro. Beringharjo has been known as the famous and the biggest traditional market in Yogyakarta. Usually, in front part of the market, you will see many people sell the meat, vegetables, and many other else. Some outlets also sell the traditional clothes such as Batik. Batik is also a thing that most visitors look for. The motives are very much artistic as it is also artwork from Yogyakarta. In Beringharjo market, you will also find many handicraft markets. You will see much artistic stuff with the traditional arts from Yogyakarta, such as statue, key chain, ornament, wall decorations, party wear tops and many other else. All stuffs are sold in various prices. Some buyers can bargain the price, so you may use your budget for travelling in Yogyakarta wisely.
  2. Another market that sells many handicrafts is Tegel Kunci Traditional Cement Tiles. It is also a recommended place to visit. If you are the tiles lovers especially for home decorating, this place will be your heaven to find the best one. There are stuffs with high artistic value which are made well in good quality too. You will also find some home decoration with interesting colors and relief. The cement tiles are already popular right now. In Yogyakarta, you may find those artistic cement tiles in nice price. You can enjoy your vacation as you go for shopping some interesting stuffs. If you love the vintage style, in this market you can find the best one. When you need the cement tiles for your special room, make sure to choose the best style that matches your home decoration.

So, it is proven that Yogyakarta hides so many joys even from its handicrafts market. It is because the market will not only offer you the products but also the varieties of arts are ready to be enjoyed there. Therefore, do not miss your chance to visit Yogyakarta handicrafts market tourism places.