Ukraine Feel The Heat of Cyber Crimes Once Again In 2017

Over the past few years, Ukrainian people have faced many problems. The one that has caused maximum damage is the cyber crime. If you take a look at the last 10 years of Ukrainian history, you would realize that the graph of cyber crime is going up with each year. That being said, the year 2017 is no different. According to reports, a series of cyber attack was carried out in the month of June. The police investigating the matter in Cherkasy region found out that hackers had targeted thousands of computers from over 60 different countries.

Along with this trail, the officials also found out that about £8000 worth of bitcoins had been moved from one account to another. This account was previously used to accept ransom payments on different occasions by hackers.

Was It For Money or To Create Panic Situation?

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The investigation team found out a message claimed to have come from the hackers. It read that hackers were ready to negotiate on this matter. They were ready to decrypt all the computers which would affect in this cyber attack in exchange for of one-off payment of £200,000. From the first look, it seems like a simple case of ransom. But many experts involved in this case feel otherwise. According to a team of researchers deployed by the government to look into this hacking attempt, the ransom demands made by the group of this group of hackers is just to drive all the attention away from the main issue. The real objective of these hackers was to create a panic situation in the country and bring down the entire system. They had been preparing for this day for a very long time and wanted to cause a huge damage to civilians and local businesses.

Many local companies have already shut down their operations, and others are on the verge of doing so. The government has asked everyone to maintain a calm and cooperate so that all the culprits can be put behind bars at earliest.

More updates will be released soon.