The Best Way to Create a Balanced Lifestyle for Kids

In the past thirty years, childhood has moved indoors and the amount of time kids spend in front of a screen is at an all-time high. On average, children aged 2-11 spend 30 hours a week in front of the television and this number does not even take into account the amount of time spent on cell phones, ipods, tablets, and computers. These same children spend as little as thirty minutes a day playing outside, oftentimes even less, which can lead to huge problems.3

The drastic changes in the way that children now experience childhood has a profound impact on the health of our kids. Obesity rates in children have more than doubled over the last two decades. Not only are our children out of shape, but they are also missing out on essential childhood growth experiences.These facts suggest a need for balance in the lives of most of today’s kids. The questions we need to ask are, “How do we get our kids to play more outside?” and, “What is the best way to create a balanced lifestyle for kids?” The answer is simple: we need to make outdoor play appealing for our children. Outdoor play helps build active, healthy bodies and minds and it is also a great way to help the one in three kids who are obese get out, get moving, and get into better shape.

The best way to improve outdoor play for our children is through the construction of exciting, challenging, and interactive jungle gyms, playgrounds and swing sets. We need to get our kids outdoors and keep them there with state-of-the-art playground equipment. Every kid secretly desires to hang upside-down from the monkey bars or feel the wind in their hair, as they swing high into the air. The best home jungle gym providers will include an option to upgrade and improve your system as your children grow, like PlayRainbow. This way, you can improve or add to your home jungle gym, as your children get older, preventing them from losing interest in the set. For instance, you may not be comfortable including a swings on your home jungle gym when your child is still a toddler, but as they age you may want to add a Play Rainbow swing set.

As a parent, you can easily incorporate playground and active play equipment into your home. Consider adding a play set, jungle gym, slide, playhouse, or basketball hoop to your living room, basement or garage. These are all great ways to turn your home into a fun place for your kids to play.

Perhaps you don’t believe that your child would like the idea of outdoor play. The best way to get kids excited about a playground is to involve them in the planning process – ask your kids what sort of equipment they would like at home. Let them use their imaginations and be free to suggest anything (even if you veto some of their ideas later). After all, playground equipment can be connected together and built onto other structures; you could even place the equipment indoors!