Some Important Considerations for a Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel

Southeast Asia tours are both challenging and fun. Some tourists have no experience for a Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel, though. In this case, they need to read some tips before visiting these nations. At least, they know what to pack. The weather is sunny and hot. Make sure that you bring suitable clothes and accessories. Some of you like to carry a backpack while the others choose a suitcase. Well, it’s a matter of preferences. A backpack is more subtle, though. You can travel around without hassles.


Things to Know

Any types of tour involve visas. You must know your Southeast Asia visas. It depends on where you are from and where you need to go. Also, each country has different requirements when it comes to visa. If you are an American, there’s a stamp for staying in Thailand. The duration is 30 days. You don’t need a visa unless you decide to stay longer than a month. In Cambodia, you need to pay $20 for a visa-on-arrival. In some cases, you need a passport photo and land borders. In Laos, this charges you $35.

When visiting Southeast Asia countries, don’t be ignorant! Some tourists make a terrible mistake by overlooking a preparation. Just because you only want to visit beaches, doesn’t mean you only need to carry swimsuits and nothing else. Also, some countries are more conservative than others. You must learn a culture prior to exploring those nations. That means you should pay attention to your acts. Some local people can’t withstand your outrageous behaviors. After all, you aren’t in Western civilizations. Please respect local people.

Some scams often occur in Vietnam Cambodia Tours. Don’t be careless! The most common scam is related to taxi services. Drivers may tell you the endpoint is near. It’s not. They will drive you further before reaching your destination. As the result, you end up spending more money on a taxi service. That doesn’t mean all drivers are bad. The most important tip is that you shouldn’t show your naïve face. Otherwise, you end up being the prey of those people.


Planning before Going

Most of the Southeast Asia countries are composed of rural areas. That means tourists should expect poverty. Some locals have bad habits like littering. Well, you should only focus on the best tourist attractions. These include Angkor Wat, Mekong River, etc. There are many options, in fact. You only need to conduct a small research prior to visiting those nations. The internet and tourist agency can be your best partners. Don’t forget to pack your things right.

Overall, Vietnam Laos Tours shouldn’t be a daunting experience. The key is preparation. Not to mention you need to keep your heart and mind open. There are numerous attractions like beaches, temples, jungles, floating markets, and much more. Moreover, you can enjoy rich traditions and history in those countries. It will be your best travel experience. You can either come alone or with a company. Both family vacation and honeymoon are a good idea, too. Make sure that you have prepared everything.