Politicians Embrace Video Conferencing to Enhance Communication

As we have seen in our blog, video conferencing has multiple uses and benefits for companies and employees, but today, initiatives and uses are emerging in very different fields, such as in politics.

More and more politicians are betting to avoid traveling and making their daily commitments by video conference. For example, one of the presidents who uses this video communication tool the most is Cristina Fernández, president of Argentina, who works from schools, civic centers to airports. In addition, he attends virtually business events and holds talks with other leaders, such as Vladimir Putin.

But not only the Argentine president takes advantage of the benefits of video conferencing in politics, the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany use video conferencing system to meet and deal with issues, such as the situation in Ukraine, global security or the epidemic Of Ebola in West Africa, without having to travel. This fact is not something specific, former US President Barack Obama also uses video conferencing regularly to communicate with his national security team and with world leaders.

On the other hand, video conferencing becomes a key tool to help political leaders and rescue teams in natural disasters. This is the case of the Spanish minister, García-Margallo, who coordinated the evacuation work of the Spaniards who were in Nepal during the earthquake on 26 April. In addition, the US and Moscow agreed to organize virtual expert meetings to analyze real-time responses in the event of a natural disaster.

As we can see, video conferencing has become an indispensable business communication tool for international relations, since it allows you to avoid wasted time, travel and save on costs. In addition, they are proved to be very practical since they’re not only allowed to share images and sound, but also allow to make presentations to exchange documents, and to see the behavior of the other participants. In this sense, video conferencing systems, such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting, are equipped with the maximum benefits, so that a meeting or negotiation between political forces has the same characteristics as if it were face to face.

In addition, ezTalks Cloud Meeting delivers full HD image quality and allows you to participate in video conference calls from any computer in Windows and Mac and device in iOS or Android and place, thus offering flexibility and mobility that politicians need.