Specialty Designed Pearl Jewelry Pieces for Babies and Children

There are many designers that design and sell pearl jewelry especially for children. There are many special occasions when these pieces ofjewelry are wonderful for gifts.

Name Bracelets

These beautiful pieces such as a name bracelet are stunning and customized. There are very few things that are more powerful than a baby’s name. This is one phrase that somehow will become a symbol for an entire life.

Christening or baptizing

If a granddaughter, niece, daughter or even nephew is going to be christened or baptized during the year–give them that perfect gift–a keepsake which will always be a reminder of this special time.

Growth in faith

Some designers have produced Christening bracelets that can be handsomely adorned with a charm of a sacred cross and is a very special symbol of Christian faith. Baptisms and christenings are personal and significant occasions in the life of a new baby or child and bracelets with names are mementos that are just perfect. These will remain dear to them as they continue to grow in their faith.

Family heirlooms


If you buy a pearl bracelet for a new baby, you also can find matching bracelets for the mother or pearl earrings. These can become family heirlooms to be passed down from mother to child to grandchild. The tradition of family heirlooms is a wonderful tradition that every family should have.

Other occasions

Other special occasions that these gifts can be given to a child or teen could always be:

  • First Communion
  • Ring bearer in a wedding
  • Flower girl in a wedding
  • 18th birthday
  • Graduation from junior high
  • Graduation from high school

You can find many of these specialty shops on the internet or you can also talk to Customer Service at http://pearlsonly.com.au as they can have ideas for you.