The Important Of Constant Tracking Of Goals, And Adjusting Your Plans To Get There

Bodybuilding goals are very much about appearance, which, by its nature, has a huge subjective element. If you are a strength athlete, your job is made a lot easier because your sport is much more concrete. Your success is performance-based and does not depend on the eyes of the beholder. But, not everyone workng out in the gym is that fortunate.

How to measure your achievements as a bodybuilder?

What can you do to determine whether you have achieved your goal or not? First of all, if you have a mirror (and who doesn’t), you can use that. Secondly, and this is more useful than the first one, you can get a camera. And, last but not the least, there are lots of pictures of bodybuilders you can use for reference. This way, you can measure your progress and whether or not you have achieved your goal.

 A few ways to determine your progress:

  • By looking into the mirror
  • By taking regular photographs of your physique to compare your individual progress
  • By collecting pictures of bodybuilders who have already achieved the physique you are trying to achieve and comparing photographs of yours to them
  • By drawing a picture or series of pictures of what you want to look like and comparing your progress with them
  • By objectively setting a size-based goal – say, waist size – and using a measuring tape to track the change in size

The possibilities are only limited by what you can think of that is applicable to you and your specific goal.

Importance of measurement

The importance of measurement is not only that it tells you when you have achieved your specific goal, but it also helps in making adjustments through the way, as you are keeping a track of everything. If you are cutting and you know you need to lose 30 lbs and drop 4 inches on your waist, and after two months you are down only 2 lbs and ¼ inch, you know you have to make some changes, maybe even dramatic ones. In the same way, if you want to add an inch to your arms and after four weeks they are up 1½ inches, start celebrating, you have achieved your goal!

Keep doing adjustments

Keep doing adjustments as per your goal. It is crucial. Curtail the training of some muscles whereas prioritise those that are your main focus. You can also use anabolic steroids for faster workout recovery. It is essential to keep a track of your record and train accordingly to achieve your goals.