How to Wear Capri Pants in Style?

Capri pants are now a rage among women who love flaunting their fashion sense in style. Haven’t you seen babes thronging to the nearest mall wearing floral Capri pants and printed gorgeous tops? In no time, this trendy outfit replaced the standard outfits that a girl’s wardrobe had.

Capri pants are women trousers, basically long pants that flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle. People across the ages and professions are equally crazy about having Capri pants in their collection. From fashion designers to stylists to fashion bloggers to street fashion, no one is left untouched of this Capri frenzy.   

Capri pants and palazzo pants came into the fashion in the early 60’s when western starlets began wearing them on TV. Fashion world, since then, has changed a lot but women’s Capri pants still remain an outfit that women love wearing casually. In marketplace, Capri pants are available in variety of fits, materials, fabric and even lengths in which. If you’re crazy about wearing this trendy outfit, it should be worn rightly. Here are some tips to suggest how you should wear them rightly for a lasting impression.

If you’re a lady with long and slim and short legs, avoid choosing a tight-fit Capri. This makes the legs look heavier since a loose-fit Capri may helpful hiding chubbiness of legs. Moreover, babes with a slim leg can go for a semi-tight Capri.  

Another way to flaunt a Capri is to pair it with a tank top. Girls can metallic or even trendy tank tops in burgundy or purple colors. You can also choose to wear a Hawaiian shirt or printed tops with a floral Capri while walking under the sun.  But in springs when wearing a tank top or a short shirt might not be a good idea to pursue, you need to pair it with a full-sleeve shirt with your Capri. Even further, a white shirt looks fabulous when paired with a denim Capri.

Capri pants with contrasting colors can also be put on when you seriously want to make impress the onlookers. Make sure that your Capri and top should not be similar in color. When they are in the same color, they will look like a school uniform. It’s therefore recommended to choose a traditional color for Capri and fluorescent yellow and bright pink color for tops.

The most contemporary choice would be the Capri with floral prints. Being one of the most popular casual dresses, Capri has to be paired up with Sandals, clogs and flats. They look trendy when combined together. Exciting ballet slippers could also be a great choice to be paired up with a Capri.