How To Keep Pests From Ruining Your Outdoor Events

Summer is a great time to get outside and host outdoor parties and events. From graduation celebrations to BBQ’s to pool parties to Fourth of July parties, summer is a great time to host friends and family in your backyard. But nothing can mar the festive atmosphere like pesky, annoying insects buzzing around and even landing on food. On the other hand, sometimes the pesticides used to control pesky backyard critters can be poisonous to children and animals, creating an even bigger hazard than the insects themselves do. There are, however, a number of natural products that work quite well at keeping pests at bay and keep them from ruining your outdoor event. Here are 5 natural products that will help keep your event free of tiny pests.

1. Citronella

Citronella is an age-old favorite for natural pest control. You can burn citronella candles for an extra festive way of keeping pests at bay or mix citronella oil with vodka or witch hazel and spray it on a cloth tablecloth to put under food. Oils can be highly potent, but don’t mix well with water, so mixing citronella oil with vodka or witch hazel helps spread it more effectively over a larger area. Be careful not to do this with a colored table cloth in the sun, however, since both vodka and witch hazel will help speed up the sun’s natural bleaching process!

2. Essential oils

There are a number of essential oils that are known to have strong insect repelling properties. Best of all, most essential oils have a pleasant scent that add an extra level of ambiance to your outdoor affair. You can create your own blend of essential oils based on your scent preferences and even use it spray it on as a personal bug repellent. For larger areas, you can buy diffusers or even make your own. fill plastic jars or bottles with a few inches of mineral oil, sprinkle in a few drops of your favorite blend of essential oils and throw some small wood dowels or sticks into the bottle or jar. The wood will absorb the oil and diffuse it into the air. Every few days, or before your party, turn the sticks over and the most oil-laden part will diffuse the scent through the air.

3. Green pest control

Children and pets can be particularly sensitive to citronella and some essential oils, so it’s important to limit their exposure. On the other hand, if the citronella or essential oils aren’t strong enough, they also won’t work effectively as an insect repellent. Today, however, there are a number of companies that offer safe, effective, green solutions to Leesburg pest control. While treatments need to be applied every few weeks for maximum effectiveness, today’s green exterminators provide a safe, healthy alternative to yesterday’s dangerous pesticides.

There are a number of ways today to safely eliminate backyard pests without subjecting your family, pets and guests to toxic pesticides. Which one you choose, however, will depend a great deal on how much outdoor entertaining you do and whether or not children or pets are present. If you have a pool or do a great deal of outdoor entertaining, or have outdoor pets, you may want to skip the DIY route and call in the green professionals.