What should be the higher total weekly dose of enanthate??

The testosterone is a prescription only drug. The individuals must be cautious to determine the right dosage for any of the forms of this drug. The individuals must consult a doctor to know the expectations, potential benefits of its use as well as to observe its reactions in regard to its side effects. The testosterone enanthate is one of the forms of the testosterone, which is mainly used for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, low testosterone or several other factors contributing to the low levels of hormone affecting mental, physical and emotional aspects of life.

The testosterone is a drug, which can be taken on prescription from a doctor and has been approved by the Food and the Drug Administration. This is generally prescribed for the treatment5 of hypogonadism in men. The higher total weekly dose of enanthate poses to numerous side effects. The dosage must be recommended by a doctor. The testosterone enanthate is particularly used for intramuscular injections in the body in the large muscle groups in including the buttocks, upper deltoids as well as the thigh muscles.

The testosterone enanthate is prescribed as a part of medicinal treatment on diagnosis of clinical deficiencies, absence of endogenous or the testosterone produced in the body. Sometimes, it is used for treatment of hypogonadism and sometime problems occurring as a result of other hormonal deficiencies or dysfunctioning of the hypothalamus gland or the pituitary gland. Any malfunctioning or damage to the hypothalamus gland has an impact on the production as well as secretions of the testosterone.

The level of testosterone generally drops at the age of 30s to 40s in men. This drop can be frustrating for a number of individuals, but everyone is not recommended with the therapy. The doctors consider several factors for determining the form as well as dosage of the testosterone. Some of these factors include age, health status, etc. The higher level of hormones leads to different problems or issues with other hormones present in the body of an individual. In order to provide the individuals with the right dosage, the individuals are recommended with the blood tests by the doctor, so as to determine the level of testosterone or hormones in the body.

Also, the individuals are recommended with several other tests for undergoing the testpsterone replacement therapy. Some of these tests include:

  • Liver function
  • Digital rectal exam
  • Physical exam
  • Lipids
  • Prostate specific antigen, etc.

The hormones are carefully balanced with each another. If there is a higher level or lower level of a hormone, it may lead to a negative impact on the numerous organs and entire body systems. Some of its side effects are common, if the testosterone enanthate ios taken in the dosage of 250mg. the doctors monitor the level of hormone in the body of an individual until he has achieved the level of stability in the normal range depending upon his age. The higher total weekly dose of enanthate is supposed to be prescribed by a  doctor, so as to get rid of its side effects.