Health effects of low carb flour and diet

The carbohydrate intake has metabolic impacts on your health. It has been an issue of debate of how high and low carbohydrate intake affects your health. Lowering the carbohydrate intake may affect your weight and can adversely affect your health, but it has been noted that weight and metabolic improvements can be achieved through low carbohydrates and low-fat intakes.

Low carb flour centric diet helps you in weight loss and prevents your body from the risk factors like fat and cholesterol. Low carb diets are helpful for everyone especially the ones who:

  • Is overweight
  • Diagnosed with diabetes
  • Has neurodegenerative diseases
  • Any form of cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases

While starting a low carb diet you can limit the daily intake of carbohydrates between 60 to 130 grams. This can be done by excluding and limiting most of the grains, Pizza, bread, muffin, sweets, pasta and starchy vegetables from your diet and replacing them with meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and nuts etc. When we adopt such eating habits, our body shows a dramatic change especially for the ones who have a huge number of carbohydrates in their diets earlier.

Positive and negative changes shown by the body

There are many positive and negative changes shown by our body after we start taking low carb diet. We can see weight loss in our body and positive energy and attitude towards our life. Low carb diet also reduces the risk of the harmful diseases which are likely to affect us if we continue taking high carbs in our diet.

As every coin has two faces, the low carb diet me also negatively affect your health, not all the changes are shown by the low carb diet are positive; they can be harmful too.  The lack of carbohydrates may lead to fluid and mineral loss and hormonal changes in our body. Also, when the carbs are restricted from going into our body, the body can show certain changes, and you may feel stressful, and the body may find other ways to fuel itself. It can also have Side Effects like nausea, weakness, and headaches. These side effects will only be seen initially, but once your body gets used to of the low carb diet, you will definitely have many health benefits from this diet.