Dogs that are named after colours

There are so many different dogs in the world in so many different shapes and sizes. Obviously there are millions of mongrels, pavement specials of no specific breed, but there are also countless numbers of clearly defined different breeds. Animals that are defined by kennel associations around the world according to size or shape or colour. We thought it would be fun to do a quick run through the colour spectrum to see what dogs are named after colours.

A little surprise

When you surfing through the internet you will come across an advert offering a blue staffy for sale. You will be very intrigued, surely they weren’t talking about a blue dog? But it turns out that they were.  The Staffordshire Terrier, made famous in the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick novel ‘Jock of the Bushveld’ is known as a family dog due to its energy and loyal temperament. It can be aggressive towards other animals and it certainly isn’t known for standing back in fight. But it also isn’t famous for being blue. It turns out though that the breed comes in a range of colours including red, white, brindle, black and blue.

Something more familiar

Iconic for adorning the label of the famous Black and White Scotch Whisky bottle where he sits alongside a black Scottish Terrier, is the West Highland White or Westie. Very similar to the aforementioned Scottie, but with longer legs and the different coloured coat, the Westie is a hunting dog traditionally used for ratting. Not surprisingly given their pride of place on the whiskey bottle both Scotties and Westies originate from Scotland. Now a popular pet, the Westie is great with children.

From Ireland with love

Big and friendly and incredibly loyal is the Red Setter. Also known as the Irish setter, this is a hunting dog, commonly used to retrieve ducks and birds that have been winged on shooting excursions.  Due to their size, exuberance and tendency to play deaf, Red Setters don’t always make the best pets. Those in the know suggest that these animals can scare children and they are said to not play nicely with cats which means keeping them in a house can create some issues. If you do opt for one regular exercise is critical as these guys love to get out and stretch their legs.

Winning on many levels

One of the most popular dogs in the world, famed for its intelligent mind and engaging personality is the Golden Retriever. Bred as a gun dog this animal loves swimming, which typically is what it would have done when retrieving shot water-fowl. Given its intelligence and ability to learn the Golden Retriever is used frequently in police work and as a guide dog for the blind or disabled. One of the most widely owned and popular owned dogs in the world this animal is named after the colour of its coat, but truth be told it could also be named after the colour of the medal it would win in a popularity contest.