CLAIND Nitrogen Generator FAQ

Onsite generators produce pure nitrogen from average compressed air, substituting the call for a delivered supply in the type of high pressure cylinders, bulk storage vessels or liquid mini tanks. A nitrogen generator is utilized in an extensive selection of markets from power generation to food processing. Here are the many advantages of nitrogen generators:

  • Improved security with no need of storing or handling high pressure cylinders
  • On-demand supply gets rid of downtime because of changes in cylinder and no more gas
  • Consistent flow, purity as well as pressure
  • Low cost
  • Compact, and space-saving design
  • Gets rid of the cost and CO2 productions related with truck deliveries
  • Proven dependability

There are 2 kinds of on-demand systems for producing nitrogen gas: PSA and Membrane. CLaind offers PSA nitrogen generators.

Here are the FAQ on CLAIND Nitrogen Generators:

Why a nitrogen generator expresses nitrogen purity as 100 percent minus the amount of oxygen left over the gas stream. In atmosphere, oxygen is indeed a very reactive gas and also present in considerable amount. Gases balances are either not reactive or trace. What is more, content oxygen could be easily as well as directly weighed with analyzer. So, a 99 percent stream of nitrogen is indeed 1 percent oxygen and 99 percent nitrogen as well as other gases.

Do I Need Nitrogen Storage Vessel and what how they function?

For pressure swing adsorption technologies, nitrogen storage vessel s utilized as a shock absorber during the switchover of tower in order that down flow and downstream pressure isn’t affected.

What’s integrated in Nitrogen Generators?

All nitrogen generators from CLAIND are pre-assembled with pre-filters rated at 99.99 percent at 0.01 micron. Nitrogen storage vessels are integrated with all PSA nitrogen generators.

Do you provide testing certificated?

Ever CLAIND nitrogen generator is tried and tested at the manufacturing plant before shipping. You can ask for a test result or report from CLAIND.

Do you provide support internationally?  

CLAIND is an international manufacturer with support and service centers situated all over the world.

Is it easy to change purity or flow of your nitrogen generator?

A purity and flow label is attached to the front panel of CLAIND nitrogen generator. Just alter the flow control valve located on front panel to turn in the needed purity.

Do I need to swap the CMS or Carbon Molecular Sieve in Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems?

CLAIND utilized advanced prefiltration in order to keep the system safe and sound and superior carbon molecular sieve on hand. With right maintenance as well as inlet air superiority, the sieve must last for the entire life of the unit.  

CLAIND employs skilled engineers in their technical support department. Every engineer has wide knowledge in onsite gas generation applications as well as product troubleshooting. They also offer live chat on their site for more details about their products. CLAIND nitrogen generators are on hand for lease. All you have to do is to call sales specialist to give the favorable lease prices for customer’s consideration.