Best Places to Work in India for a Marketing Professional

It takes a great deal of effort to start your career, build a network and sustain a life after you step outside the college. If you’re already into the field and plan to move outside for better job opportunities, there’s a lot out there.

Every company needs a marketing professional, online and offline. With start-ups opening up all over the country, it cannot be a better time for marketing professionals looking for a job in India. Let’s take a look at the hottest hotspots of marketing in India.

1. Bangalore
The city is full of millennials, buying new and innovative products everyday. The youth fills up the shopping streets of the city, looking out for purchases in every sector. You name it, they buy. Starting from fashion to Real Estate, Bangalore is full of young ones who aren’t afraid to buy a pair of shoes or rent a furnished shared apartment from a mobile app.

New products and services open up every day in the name of start-ups. These products and services are in turn marketed, backed by huge capital from foreign investors, leaving a large scope for marketing professionals to give a boost to their career.

Plus, everything is easily available in this metropolitan of India. Everything. From royal castle-like apartments sprawling across acres of land to nukkads crowded by youngsters for chai or coffee, the city has it all. Talk about networking events and you’ll see a gang of start-up professionals hanging out at almost every other bars and pubs in the city.

2. Mumbai
This city has seen one of the largest marketing campaigns in India for, it’s the most populated in India. People from all over the world travel to Mumbai for seeking financial success in their career. With large scale marketing firms and advertising agencies based in this city, Mumbai makes it one of the best places in the world for marketing professionals.

It’s very easy to rent a furnished apartment in this city and set your marketing career ball rolling. All your basics and mains are available at the drop of a hat. You name it, Mumbai’s got it. From rooftop restaurants by the beach to superfast local commute, Mumbai is one of the best places to lead a healthy and fast lifestyle.

3. New Delhi
Most of the media houses are located in New Delhi, making it a hotspot for marketing professionals. Media houses in New Delhi are on a constant hunt for creative marketing pros who would spread out their brand like a wildfire. There are enough marketing jobs in New Delhi to satiate your potential. Hunt on!

Mind you, it’s very hard to find a piece of apartment to lay your head in the second most populated city of India. Although start-ups like NestAway are making it easy to find a fully furnished apartment for rent in New Delhi, it’s still hard to find a decent living space in this city.

4. Gurgaon
With large number of start-ups coming up everyday, Gurgaon is the next big hub of marketing ideas. Companies started and based in Gurgaon like MakeMyTrip and Grofers have emerged as large market players in the span of few years.

A lot of foreign companies are opening their offices in Gurgaon, gathering skilled professionals from all over India. Marketing professionals would be in a better position if they place themselves in this ecosystem.

It shouldn’t be very difficult for marketing pros to find a job in India, considering the rise in the number of companies and innovative products in India. Just ensure that you set your basics right.