Best Body Pillows For Pregnancy


What pillows type should pregnant women choose? That is a question of many women. There was a mother who shared with me that she hasn’t had a good night sleep when pregnant, especially when her belly grew bigger. This tells us that insomnia is one of the primary concerns of pregnant women.

In this case, I can only recommend that you should avoid caffeine-containing foods and beverages – which cause insomnia, have a balanced diet and choose stuff to support sleep such as a body pillow for pregnancy. Here are some suggestions of the best body pillows for pregnancy you should have.

Best Body Pillows For Pregnancy

1.     U-shaped pillow

U-pillow is the maternity accessories, helping pregnant women overcome back pain, insomnia easily. Thanks to the U-shaped pillow, the user is comfortably relaxed after a hard-working day, having a good night’s sleep to maintain good health and create good conditions for the fetus to develop well.

The U-shaped pillow is compact and does not occupy much of the bed area. The size is designed to match the body shape of every pregnancy and is a useful product for pregnant women. This pillow helps to reduce the feeling of cramping, back pain for pregnant women, giving them sleep better and deeper.

Pillows used for backrest mattresses or sleeping mattresses during pregnancy to reduce postpartum pain, used when breastfeeding. Also, the U-shaped pillow can also be used as a mattress for the baby to play, for the back pain patient or backrest mattress for the husband when reading, watching TV.

2.     C-shaped pillow

The C-shaped pillow is one of the essential items for women during pregnancy, to support mothers care, ensure good sleep and health of both mother and baby during pregnancy.

C-shaped pillow for pregnancy is made of soft cotton fabric, breathable, good sweat absorbent to use on hot summer days. The length of the pillow is reasonably calculated to fit the body of the mother, making it easier for the mother to hold the pillow when sleeping for better sleep.

C-shaped pillows support the woman’s body from the head, feet, hands to the abdomen to help mothers minimize the feeling of pain, cramps, … during pregnancy.

C-shaped pillows can be used to hug when sleeping, put your back when sitting …

3.     J-shaped pillow

The pillow is designed in the shape of the letter ‘’J’’, the size is suitable for the length of the body, there are curves suitable for the shape of the belly.

You can place the pillow in the middle of the leg with the left side posture – the best posture for the pregnant woman, will help raise the leg, avoid cramps and support blood circulation.

You can completely use the pillow without worry of being pressed on the belly; the J-tail embraces the head to help the neck wrapped and not fatigue. Pillows can be used before, and after the birth, you can use pillows as a back cushion while sitting.


You’ve just read about the best body pillows for pregnancy, and I hope you’ve found the suitable one for yourself. Visit this shop to get the best product.