Steroids are hardly taken as standalone and they are taken with other steroids and supplements so that the body gets all types of benefits. Some of the steroids provide muscle gains and increase lean muscle growth while shredding fat. There are others which provide endurance and strength along with other benefits of increasing libido and giving a hard defined muscle shape.

Steroids are found to be the go to option for bodybuilding purposes but are difficult to obtain without a prescription and there are several legal hassles involved too. Persons who want to procure and use steroids have got them shipped and online pharmacies have been a boon for users.

Anavar and clen cycle

Anavar is commonly used cutting cycle steroid which is both androgenic and anabolic in nature. When you combine Anavar and clen for a cycle they will give you more vascularity as they are both bronchodilators. The cycle dosage for a women is smaller compared to men.

Athletes actually benefit from this kind of combo as they get to have more endurance and stamina because of that more oxygen is pumped into the muscles hence extra strength and energy.

The benefits for both men and women

Anavar and clen cycle is very popular because the new and improved version of Anavar helps for the phosphocreatine synthesis which helps in retaining lean muscle whilst shredding fat.

Uses of clen-Anavar cycle

  • It helps increase the testosterone levels
  • Helps red cell count increase.
  • Decreases the catabolic effect.
  • Helps to retain nitrogen for tissue building.
  • Helps increase sex drive
  • Increase in energy
  • Increases the metabolism rate.

Since both are prescription drugs and also under schedule lV of controlled substances it is difficult to procure in your neighborhood pharmacy. Online you will definitely get many websites who sell and ship it to your doorstep.

Dosage recommendations for men and women

  • Men-40-50mcg per day (Anavar-clen dose)
  • Women-10-20mcg per day (Anavar-clen dose)

It should be noted that to avoid any side effects the required dosage should not exceed 140mcg per day for both sexes. Women can reduce or keep the dosage low because of the potential testosterone side effects.

Side effects

Since clen is still a veterinary drug and is rarely used on humans and not approved by the FDA for human use. Still it is the most used steroid in the fitness world. Keeping in mind that these drugs do a lot more harm if not taken under professional guidance.

The kinds of side effects that can be seen are

Insomnia, headaches and other skin ailments. Serious effects can be dropping in testosterone levels, shrinking of testicles, priapism etc.

Overdosing to get faster results can lead to irritability, mood swings, increase in heart rate and irregular heartbeats. There could be possibility of liver and kidney damage. All kind of heart related ailments.


  • Always start with the lowest dosage.
  • Stick to the instructions of dosage cycle.
  • If you experience side effects rush to the doctor and stop the usage.
  • Buy from a reputed and established outlet.