Anabolic Steroids: Legalities

Access to information becomes more convenient and fast due to the internet. As an athlete that wants to procure steroids as a dietary supplement or strength enhancer to aid in the training and perform better, you have probably researched how to buy them online.

You have probably used related search engines such as “buy steroid legal online” in English, “presyo ng mga steroids” in Tagalog or “steroid inyectable precio” in Spanish for finding a supplier online and legit distributor of the product online. Even though it is a great strength booster, the US Food and Drug Administration determined such substance as Schedule III. Most of the countries also see the risk of such substance and regulated it.

Attractive Perks

With the testimonials and scientific backing in steroid, it becomes more and more popular due to the induction of synthesized testosterone hormones to the body. Product with such potent effects like building up the strength of the body, increase in muscle size and by providing overall endurance.

There is also a variant that is good for weight loss through the cutting of the body mass. A type of anabolic steroid that burns fat faster and emphasizes on making the quality of muscle stronger without being bulky. It is also known as diet plans for bodybuilders to control their weight class.

Legal Stand on Steroid

Since anabolic steroids become more popular, the local agencies become aware of the possibility of improper usage of the substance. Therefore, most potent products such as injection mostly require a prescription from a licensed physician. Since procurement of steroid become stricter in some countries, the percentage of casualty and overdose cases lessen since licensed physicians help in providing important information such as proper dosage, cycle, and side effects.

There are also steroids in form of pills and tablets which can be obtained with or without prescription. But it is probably illegal in some countries depends on the approval of the local Food and Drug Administration. Even though as per label that the pills or tablet are manufactured in an accurate amount of chemical compounds, there is a possible mislabelling and improper usage of the product without a prescription.

Restriction in Competitive Sports

Such products are also classified as a performance enhancing drug that literally provides an increase in the body’s power. A power related to strength and speed which is most relevant traits in any sport. Since it is a form of unnatural and cheating, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the International Olympics Committee (IOC) banned the substance in the sport they sponsored.

Which makes the athletes more caution and to avoid relying on such substance. The athletes are pretty much responsible for preventing intakes of such substance which makes them very strict in the supplements and vitamins they take because of the probability of it containing a small amount of steroid.


If you are set on using the anabolic steroids, make sure to research it extensively and become aware of its effect and side effects. It is also important to identify if it is illegal in your country to prevent any problem with the law and not to be involved in the illegal drug trafficking.

Most crucial is to consult a licensed physician to assure that you will be given proper medical advice and proper dosage. It is also critical in preventing any development of adverse effect during the usage and cycle of the steroid.