5 Benefits of Homeopathy in Bloomington Rehab Programs

Over the years there has been a spectrum of methods used for drug detox, such as medications that help relieve withdrawal symptoms, to counseling to discover underlying issues and urges of addiction explains Drug Rehab Bloomington psychologists.  Some people feel the use of medications like Suboxone or others in detox to help them get off of drugs is counterproductive, and that it will not help them.  Alternatives to these methods, like homeopathy, have become more popular and are being used in rehabilitation. While homeopathic remedies for detoxification may not be for everyone, it can be the right alternative for some.  The fact is that some individuals have extremely heavy dependencies to powerful drugs; because of this, medication for their withdrawal may the best and safest route.  People in treatment in Bloomington, Illinois, have been seeing the benefits of Homeopathy.  Image result for ] Homeopathy in Bloomington Rehab Programs

Here are 5 Benefits of Homeopathy in rehab programs:

  • Overall Detox Benefits – Since there are a wide range of homeopathic remedies, there are many that can be used in detox assistance.  One of such is Nux Vomica, which is obtained from the strychnine tree.  It has a wide range of benefits in the realm of withdrawal and substance dependency.  Though, precaution does need to be taken with it, due to the fact that it contains Strychnine, which can be fatal when too large of a dose.  Generally, this risk is circumvented by the fact that companies that distribute homeopathic remedies ensure careful measurement.  
  • Natural Substances – Since homeopathic treatments come from natural substances, these appeal more to individuals who do not want to use drugs to treat drugs.  Homeopathic remedies generally come from plants, roots, seeds or other naturally occurring things.
  • Helps in Detox from Opiates – Homeopathic remedies can be of great assistance in the withdrawal from opiates.  Opiates can tend to be one of the most severe withdrawals for an individual, with symptoms ranging from sweating and insomnia, to nausea and vomiting.  The homeopathic substance typically used in cases of opiate withdrawal is Avena Sativa, which is from the leaves of the oat plant.  Some of the beneficial effects of Avena Sativa include decreasing the discomfort, nausea and tiredness that can come along with withdrawal.  
  • Assistance in Stimulant Withdrawal – Stimulants such as cocaine, meth, and Ritalin can produce extreme discomfort during the process of withdrawal.  Stimulant withdrawal can include symptoms such as depression, cognitive function impairment, and mood swings.  Avena Sativa can also assist in the process of stimulant detox.  
  • Side Effects – Since Homeopathic remedies are natural substances for the most part, there are typically no side effects.  As with consuming anything new though, always consult your healthcare provider to ensure safety, prior to starting any homeopathic treatment.  

Seeking Help with an Addiction

Struggling with an addiction can create an immense burden on a person’s life, which causes many to eventually reach for help.  Reaching for help with an addiction is never a shameful situation, it is in fact courageous.  If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Bloomington, Illinois, let us assist you in finding the right treatment.  Our advisors are trained and experienced in finding the right private inpatient treatment center to fit the person.  Do not wait; give us a call today so we can help get you or your loved one on the road to sobriety.