3 Things You Should Know About Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

People often have misconceptions about stay-at-home parents. They think that a stay-at-home mom or dad sits around all day, watching television, and letting their kids do whatever. But that’s simply untrue. Stay-at-home parenting can be quite difficult and overwhelming at times, which is why you should really consider your options before making the stay-at-home jump.

Being a Stay-at-Home Parent is a Full-Time, Never-Stop Job

When you’re a stay-at-home parent, you rarely get a break. Your spouse comes home after a long day of work outside of the house, and they are tired and sore. Which means they might just want to eat and go to bed. This means your stay-at-home parenting gig keeps going—like a full-time job that never stops. You become the rock, the solid, and the reliable for your child at all times. You become your kiddo’s go-to.

You Might Get Bored

If you have small children, there are naps and downtimes, which means you might get bored. If you have no desire to clean house, or if you’ve run out of things to do, boredom is a beast that will sneak up on you as soon as the kids are in bed. The best suggestion? Use this time wisely. Do something YOU want to do to unwind, like take a HOT shower, watch a short movie, or read a few chapters in a new book.

It Might Be Beneficial to Find Paying Work from Home

Some moms and dads have problems making the big transition from working outside of the house to staying at home with the kids. You can banish the worries and negative thoughts of being a stay-at-home parent by finding work as a freelancer from home. This is something you could do during downtimes, like when your kids are occupied with TV, tablets, toys, and naps. All you’d need are an hour or two to make good supplemental income and still feel like you’re significantly contributing to the financial well-being of your household. Plus, if you get good at being a freelancer from home, you could download a contract management system to make your at-home work experience a little smoother.

When you transition to being a stay-at-home mom or dad, you are choosing to embrace the chaos of your kiddos. You are choosing to be with them, there for them, every moment of every single day. And that can overwhelm you. But it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and it’s okay to ask for a break once in a while. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone you trust if you feel the strains of being a stay-at-home parent.