3 Reasons Gold And Silver Make Awesome Investments

Gold and silver are no longer the dominion only of pirates and foreign kings. There’s a good reason why smart Toronto investors are starting to make the switch over to precious metals. Actually, there are three good reasons:

  1. You Can’t Hack Gold And Silver

Every time we turn to technology to preserve our wealth, we make ourselves susceptible to human-created technology errors. You can spend gold, you can touch it, pound it to a thin foil, and even cook with it – but the one thing you can’t do with it is hack it! Almost every day we hear about another one of these data breach hacks, and although today it’s mostly just information being taken, physical gold and silver protect you from a scenario where, in the future, these malicious actors infiltrate something much more critical, like a bank. Banks can be hacked, but gold and silver can’t, and that’s why smart investors in Toronto buy precious metals! Everyone needs that safety net in their portfolio.

  1. Global Tensions Are Good For The Price Of Gold

Have you noticed lately the highly opinionated politicians stirring up cyber wars, or what about the pre-nuclear warfare Twitter standoffs? As unfortunate as it is, it’s good for physical gold owners, as gold is a true safe haven during these times of global uncertainty. If you analyze the gold charts around the days that Kim Jong Un does his international continental ballistic missile testing, you might be surprised at how it climbs. This is because, as uncertainty rises, so too does people’s desire for a tangible, stable store of wealth, and there’s no material more culturally or historically significant of physical wealth than gold. The world has been rocked by a number of worrying developments, so in these uncertain times, learn about investing in gold and silver and fortify your portfolio.

  1. Gold And Silver Are Great Inflation Hedges

After all, gold and silver were humans’ first money for a reason. This is not to say you should run out to your bank and get all of your purchasing power out of cash, but simply that gold and silver are good things to have In your portfolio as a hedge against inflation. Physical gold and silver are the perfect inflation hedge because they maintain their value over long periods of time. At times you may lose a bit of value, but historically precious metals are known to maintain purchasing power or appreciate, which means that have an ameliorating effect on a traditional, volatile portfolio.

Also, governments all around the world frequently de-value their currency base constantly, and as they continuously print more units into circulation, all of those new units compete with all of the old money that countries’ citizens already had, which leads to a long-term slight depreciation in the value of our money. That’s why it takes much more money to purchase the same things in life we used to buy. But gold remains constant, even appreciating slightly.

Based on everything we know about the present, the future of gold and silver is looking good! It’s clearly undervalued and offers some sorely needed protection against an unpredictable market, as well as a great hedge against inflation. It’s for all these reasons that savvy investors are putting their wealth behind gold.