3 Essential Tips for Teens to Know About Their Lockers

If you are a teenager attending middle school, you will find that a new addition to the day’s activities will be getting things in and out of your own locker room. This is where you will be placing all kinds of things from books to extra clothing to food to sports gear etc. It is all in the interests of getting you to bring some organization into your daily routine. However, there is also a certain element of responsibility that now bear. As the person in charge of the locker room, you will be directly affected by whatever happens to it.

So we compiled a few useful tips you can learn on while maintain your own locker room.

Making It Officially Yours

As young teenager, you are bound to have some items that scream of your character and personality.  While school do not offer custom made lockers, you can still use various decorations to personalize yours so no one is going to mistake it for someone else’s. Little things like stickers, magnets etc. are great decorating ideas. However, also consider that you need enough space left over your stuff so do not go overboard with the decorations. Try and keep it minimal and meaningful.

But What Decorations to Use?

It is easy to be overwhelmed as well as underwhelmed by the different options you can choose from. After all, chances are you do not have room for all of them, but they all seem equally deserving of slot inside your locker room. To start of this lengthy process of elimination, it helps to set a theme for your locker so whatever decorations you include are consistent and relatable to each other. For instance, if you are literally the most famous Harry Potter fan in the school, you can use that as your theme since no one knows you better than for your obsession with that popular book and film franchise. Choosing a theme will also help you stay organized as you finally have a valid reason to eliminate some options and stick with others.

Keep It Spick and Span

It is not that hard to do. Just once every other day, you could use some wet wipes to wipe out any dust or dirt that would have culminated since the last time it was cleaned. Keeping a clean locker room is important for your own personal hygiene as well as keeping whatever supplies you put in it, especially food. It will also encourage you to maintain cleanliness in general and soon, it will seem less like a chore and more like a necessity.

And crazily enough, it could also make you fonder of your locker room. After all, you have been devoted to making it look good and keeping it clean. And you have trusted your personal valuables in it and probably some secret phone numbers too. It would be hard to deny after some time that you two don’t have a certain something between y’all.

Keeping your locker clean also means returning it to its original state once you are done using it. So before you decorate it, think about whether the décor comes off just as easily as it goes on.


So there we are, these few suggestions will be quite useful when you will be given your own locker. And might we add one more thing… Please make sure that nothing you store in there is illegal!